Your New Year’s Resolution: Eliminate Stress by Achievement by Suf Alkhaldi

Visualization of successfully completing a difficult task is possibly the most effective way to prepare yourself for the actual execution of the task.  Athletes, exam takers, and job interviewees practice this technique quite often. Visualization of a task is similar to doing the task. The human brain luckily cannot know the difference.  Although visualization can… Read More

The Science of “Choking” and the End of Freezing Under Pressure by Suf Alkhaldi

Have you ever studied very hard for an exam and when the time came for taking the exam, you completely failed?  If you said yes, you are not alone. This phenomenon of failing under pressure is also found in sports . The loss is accompanied by misery and total defeat. For example, a boxer or… Read More

Kaizen Method (taking small and comfortable steps toward improvement) by Suf Alkhaldi

How many times have we decided to pursue something we know will make our lives better but we did not follow through? Although we have been exposed to thousands of tools and methods by a plethora of self-help books, many of these will not work with us.  In fact, some of them will not work with… Read More