The Refusal to Give up, No Matter What by Suf Alkhaldi

We have all read or heard stories of ordinary people who have overcome daunting challenges.  I am always fascinated by these people.  How did they rise to this level of challenge?  Every time I encounter a problem, I always remind myself that others have undoubtedly faced something similar, but in the end they were able… Read More

Why avoiding bad advice is hard by Suf Alkhaldi

One of the good skills I needed to develop was to know the difference between good and bad advice. It sounds simple, but it was not that simple for me and it is still not.  Knowing the difference between good and bad advice is not only hard, it is a skill – at least I have… Read More

The joy of ignoring failure by Suf Alkhaldi

When Elon Musk built his company SpaceX , he was asked about the possibility for his company to fail. His answer was a textbook inspiration for me and for all the people who hesitate to do something big: “it is too important not to try.”   History will tell you that achievers failed more than anybody… Read More

Critical thinking and the art of avoiding mistakes by Suf Alkhaldi

As my interest in critical thinking has grown through the years, I have accumulated lots of notes on avoiding thinking errors. I am now convinced that using critical thinking (or what can be called lessons learned) leads to many sound decisions.  As I wrote in my last post, I try to avoid thinking biases or errors… Read More

Why thinking is better than doing? by Suf Alkhaldi

Thinking is the most creative habit a person can develop. Thinking finds relationships among objects normally hidden in our busy minds. We enjoy the thinking process though, and our mind needs this breathing space to wander in different directions regardless of the time restraints. The need to focus or concentrate to accomplish a task is… Read More