Star in a bottle: A new source of energy by Suf Alkhaldi

As our scientific computational power produces powerful mathematical algorithms capable of doing things which were impossible 20 years ago, the time has come for exploring alternative energy sources. Scientists are zeroing in to produce energy similar to the sun using fusion “a star in a bottle.” A sophisticated machine now being built in the south of France by… Read More

Moonshot technology: the future of 3D Bioprinting by Suf Alkhaldi

As 3D printing technology moves from the experimental stage to the production stage, enormous possibilities emerge to solve difficult problems.  3D printing makes car spare parts to toys to furniture. But using 3D printing in biology is moving ahead slowly but surely: welcome to “bioprinting.” The dream of bioprinting to build human organs such as hearts… Read More

The Present State of Artificial Intelligence by Suf Alkhaldi

Self-driving cars have logged two million miles on public roads so far. The car industry is marching to the cusp of revolutionary change of how people interact with vehicles  and the future design of roads and cities. The Google self-driving carproject starts with this vision: “Imagine if everyone could get around easily and safely, regardless of… Read More

The future is now: How DNA sequencing will lead us there by Suf Alkhaldi

DNA sequencing technologies have flourished so much that the price of human DNA sequencing has been reduced from millions 10 years ago to thousands. If this advancement in DNA sequencing continues, sequencing a human genome will reach to 500-1000 dollars.  Many biotechnology companies plan to sequence thousands of people with different diseases. Some have the goal of… Read More

Can our belief system help us to be motivated? by Suf Alkhaldi

Perhaps the most famous motivational speaker in recent times is Tony Robbins. Robbins explains in his writing that successful people share passion.  Passion is what keeps motivated people moving through their day with such joy that work becomes fun all of the time. They usually love what they do. As much as I think this… Read More