The Artificial Intelligence (AI) eye in the sky breakthrough By Suf Alkhaldi

The idea of doing 24-hour surveillance of a whole city from the air and waiting for a crime to happen before using the surveillance tape to go back and follow where the perpetrator came from is a game-changer in law enforcement.  Russ McNutt,  a graduate of MIT, was able to build this technology with the help… Read More

How AI solves depression and finds cancer by Suf Alkhaldi

Artificial Intelligence AI moves us in different fields of life, faster than we thought even two years ago.  Using AI in diagnosing bipolar depression as well as other illnesses has created a buzz in scientific communities so that many startups have started to use it.  One of these companies is NeuroLex Diagnostics Inc.  The company has developed… Read More

Forecasting the power of wearable devices by Suf Alkhaldi

The line between our work lives and our social lives has become thinner and thinner nowadays.  Communication and wearable devices created by the abundance of cellphones and fitness trackers have advanced the conflict between our social and work lives.  Having recently experienced the benefits of my summer vacation, I had to dig deeper on how… Read More

Curing cancer by 2020: Moonshot strategy by Suf Alkhaldi

It is time to start making a dent in cancer. A new Moonshot project was announced just weeks ago by Vice President Biden to cure cancer by 2020.  If you think this is an overly ambitious project, Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong does not believe so.  Dr. Soon-Shiong even has the blueprints for activating the human T-cells… Read More

The future of self-controlled AI robots by Suf Alkhaldi

Our lives are filled with robots capable of taking care of many tasks.  Most robots function as inspection and surveillance tools, helping us to do very boring tasks.  Producing robots with high Artificial Intelligence (AI) has moved from the testing stage in labs to the streets. We might call 2015 the year of Artificial Intelligence. 2015 is the first year… Read More

Traveling 5 times the speed of sound: be ready by Suf Alkhaldi

Due to our ability to move in a relatively short number of years to solve gigantic problems, I am more optimistic about our future, believing that our future is much brighter than our present.  Every time we encounter a problem and we lose hope in solving it, we need to remember what the history of… Read More

Recent Google court victory of scanning books by Suf Alkhaldi

The recent decision to support scanning books from the libraries around the US is a great victory for Google and the dissemination of information. In 2004, Google scanned books at many university libraries, around 20 million books, most of which were out of print (1). The project goal was to place these books on the… Read More

Why open source computing (LINUX) creates innovation? by Suf Alkhaldi

Computers might be the most creative invention in human history.  Computers talking to each other (internet) is the second greatest invention.  When computer codes developed, many mundane tasks started to be automated, helping our productivity to increase dramatically.  When computer codes developed, many pioneers like Bill Gates (Microsoft) and other companies built the infrastructure for operating systems.… Read More