Forecasting the power of wearable devices by Suf Alkhaldi

The line between our work lives and our social lives has become thinner and thinner nowadays.  Communication and wearable devices created by the abundance of cellphones and fitness trackers have advanced the conflict between our social and work lives.  Having recently experienced the benefits of my summer vacation, I had to dig deeper on how… Read More

Traveling 5 times the speed of sound: be ready by Suf Alkhaldi

Due to our ability to move in a relatively short number of years to solve gigantic problems, I am more optimistic about our future, believing that our future is much brighter than our present.  Every time we encounter a problem and we lose hope in solving it, we need to remember what the history of… Read More

Working for Amazon and why Jeff Bezos should follow Google’s management model by Suf Alkhaldi

A recent  article about working conditions in Amazon in The New York Times made a big splash. The article explained in detail the hard working conditions of Amazon employees.  Several former employees were interviewed.  My first reaction was to think, “I don’t want to work there even if they tripled my salary!”  But after thinking a lot… Read More

The blueprint of the innovation states: United States, Singapore, Dubai by Suf Alkhaldi

Aneesh Chopra, the first Chief Technology Officer in the United States from May 2009 – February 2012, explored the potential of using scientific and computer innovation to achieve economical advancement in the US. In his book “Innovative state: How new technologies can transform government,” he pointed out how the use of computer technologies and scientific research in a carefully designed… Read More