The beauty of living with a growth mindset by Suf Alkhaldi

I finally finished reading the book ” Mindset: the new psychology of success” by Carol Dweck recommended by  a friend, two years ago — thank you Brighid. The book is a landmark for a new era of understanding the growth mindset and the fixed mindset.  Many chapters of the book made me examine my own life.  The explanation of… Read More

Why do we need to understand people? By Suf Alkhaldi

As an avid reader of Quora, I sometimes find very intriguing questions, so appealing that I am the first one to read them.  One of these questions is why it is important to have the skill to understand people.  Understanding people creates new meaning in our lives. It puts our previous perceptions and our own biases… Read More

A resolution: The decision to be happy by Suf Alkhadi

Every year I spend some time to write down my resolution for the year.  Most of the time, I achieve 80% of what I write down.  This year, I will share one resolution with my readers: I decided to have deliberate happy days at least one day per week. The power to decide to be happy One of my resolutions… Read More

Why thinking is better than doing? by Suf Alkhaldi

Thinking is the most creative habit a person can develop. Thinking finds relationships among objects normally hidden in our busy minds. We enjoy the thinking process though, and our mind needs this breathing space to wander in different directions regardless of the time restraints. The need to focus or concentrate to accomplish a task is… Read More

The reasons that Americans read more by Suf Alkhaldi

There is no secret that successful business people cultivate the habit of reading. Reading nourishes and grows the mind. Although social media technologies are racing to steal our attention, somehow the publishing industry (reading books) has thrived so far. The global market value of the publishing industry is 148 billion. The market value of the largest… Read More

How long does it take to form a good habit? No, it is not 21 days! by Suf Alkhaldi

In my previous post, I wrote about forming the habit of reading.  In this post, I will be writing about some of my best habits developed during my lifetime. My good habits have gotten refined through the years due to experience and some wisdom.  Assuming the older you get, the wiser you will be, I developed… Read More

The power of the habit of reading by Suf Alkhaldi

Habits are important features of human behavior. Developing a bad or a good habit can have the most devastating or wonderful consequences. During teenage years, many people develop bad habits: smoking, drinking, and arguing. In the old days, some shaved their heads bald and sucked on lollipops imitating detective Lieutenant Theo Kojak, a hero in… Read More