To pursue excellence: Watch TED Talks by Suf Alkhaldi

I am fascinated by excellence. My love keeps growing for achievers and outstanding companies. I keep up with TED talks where achievers from all over the world summarize their wonderful experiences within twenty minutes. TED talks are free; this is amazing! I have at times spent money and effort to travel from one state to… Read More

What do you think? Is private college education worth it? Warren Buffett says: No! by Suf Alkhaldi

Is it worth going to a private college?  Recently, when I was attending the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders’ meeting, one future college student asked Warren Buffett about the value of going to a private business school. The student indicated that private school tuition now (2015) is around 60K per year.  Buffett quickly answered without any hesitation and… Read More