Suf Alkhaldi

Future and Science Hacks is about science and self-improvement. It is about finding out what motivates each one of us and moving forward with our life with confidence. As I love to read about self-improvement, artificial intelligence, scientific research, and management, I am always in search of new cutting edge knowledge. My blog features several powerful posts about motivation, science, creativity, and self-improvement.

As I am not a full time blogger, this blog is written at night when I come home from work and weekends. In all these posts, I seek simplicity with added value to understands science and to help ourselves with a lot of science and future hacks.

My name is Suf Alkhaldi, and I am a scientist with a Ph.D. in biological Science. My love to scientific discovery, artificial intelligence, and self-improvement keep motivating me to bring new materials and concepts to my readers. As I am an avid reader, I seek to have growth mindset all the time.  Therefore, I like to ask my readers to suggest any topic or technology which I need to pay attention to — in fact, I will be grateful. Please send me an email to

I have been married to my beautiful wife Sara for 25 years (and more), and I have one intelligent boy who eats, drinks, sleeps, and dreams about computer programming and artificial intelligence. I live in the rich greater cosmopolitan Washington, DC area. I hope we can meet one day.