Future and Science Hacks

As much as I would love to impress people with my talent, I found this pursuit leads to misery. We all like to be loved and adored. We seek this endless path leading us to emptiness and exhaustion.

Don’t impress people you dislike.

Many years ago, when I was a teenager, I could not know the difference between admiration and love.  I did a lot of stupid things to impress girls and people who I did not know or even care about. I spent many wasted hours thinking about this, leading me to lose my self-confidence. This habit of trying to impress people continued even when I was an adult — after all, the habits and beliefs formed in our teenage years can still manifest themselves in later years in life. Adult people are diving into this behavior more and more nowadays. The continuous striving to impress people paralyzes us from moving and living peacefully…

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