Generating ideas by challenging the conventional wisdom by Suf Alkhaldi

As my fascination grew using creativity, I believe lateral thinking enriched my life, creating a lot of fun. Thinking laterally tricks my mind in a beautiful way. It takes my mind away from the road frequently traveled.  It develops new neurocircuits, bypassing the normal old way of thinking.  Discomfort will happen, I am sure,  but… Read More

Avoiding the blind spots in science and life by Suf Alkhaldi

Have you ever wondered why you did not see something in your work or your field before someone else came up with it?  This is the blind spot.  We all experience this phenomenon, especially the experts.  Through the discovery of many things in our current history, you always find things which were applied in one field, well-known… Read More

Mixing what you love with what you hate to achieve your goal by Suf Alkhaldi

Occasionally, people ask me about what motivated me, and when did I start thinking about graduate school.  This question comes up whenever I deliver talks for school career days or at conferences.  At scientific conferences, graduate students are the most curious ones.  This post will shed some light on my answers. What I love  Science… Read More

Kaizen Method (taking small and comfortable steps toward improvement) by Suf Alkhaldi

How many times have we decided to pursue something we know will make our lives better but we did not follow through? Although we have been exposed to thousands of tools and methods by a plethora of self-help books, many of these will not work with us.  In fact, some of them will not work with… Read More