The Refusal to Give up, No Matter What by Suf Alkhaldi

We have all read or heard stories of ordinary people who have overcome daunting challenges.  I am always fascinated by these people.  How did they rise to this level of challenge?  Every time I encounter a problem, I always remind myself that others have undoubtedly faced something similar, but in the end they were able… Read More

The Goal of Knowing Yourself Creates a Good Life by Suf Alkhaldi

As we are in a society filled with the attraction of abundance, it becomes very hard to decide what you want exactly. The balancing act between what you want and what is good for you creates a daily struggle for all of us.  We all want to be disciplined and achieve our daily goals as well as our… Read More

Honesty, rudeness, and not knowing (chauffeur knowledge) are not the same by Suf Alkhaldi

I have to be honest with you is one phrase I hate to hear in meetings or in personal conversations.  As much as I love to have people be honest with me all of the time, I have started noticing that this phrase is usually used by people who act like jerks.  Humility and honesty are… Read More

The Joy of Missing Out By Suf Alkhaldi

I am an extrovert who loves to talk to people.  I find conversation with people rewarding.  I usually call my colleagues to meet at lunch.  I get three rejections a week from people being busy, and they have to work during lunch.  It is very rare for me to work during lunch.  I consider lunch to be… Read More

The Refusal to Give up, no Matter What by Suf Alkhaldi 

Ordinary people, when faced with unimaginable challenges, have still refused to give up. What is the secret behind this stamina?  Resilience can be cultivated.  I have never seen anyone who was able to move forward in life with great success without developing the resilience to accept failure.  Most of these people use their failure to draw… Read More

Why you Should not Impress the People you Dislike by Suf Alkhaldi

As much as I would love to impress people with my talent, I found this pursuit leads to misery. We all like to be loved and adored. We seek this endless path leading us to emptiness and exhaustion. Many years ago, when I was a teenager, I could not know the difference between admiration and love.  I… Read More

Why you should aim for 100 rejections by Suf Alkhaldi

The power of rejection is a true path to achieve a lot in our life. The difference between high and moderate achievers boils down to how much we can handle rejections.  Successful achievers have more rejections than anybody in their field. Failure for high achievers becomes a normal price they accept.  It does not matter… Read More